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Why Women Are The Superheroes Of My Life

When we think about women superheroes, the likes of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman come to mind. However, the last few weeks have made me introspective about the women in my life, and just how much I appreciate and adore them.

After the awful news began to unfold about Sarah Everard, the first people to message about the news and offer assurances and comfort were the girls I used to live with in university. And of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. They were always the first to text to make sure I made it home okay, or the ones to bravely walk with me passed slimey men on Halloween when we were dressed as crayons (yes, really) and flip off their gross comments.

But they weren’t just there in the face of misogyny. They’ve made me laugh so hard I've cried - whether that’s out on a bottomless brunch with one too many Proseccos, or choosing to stay in with a takeaway and a Disney film when we couldn’t be bothered to peel ourselves off the couch to the taxi waiting to take us out on the town.

Every single one of them has been there for me when I’ve most needed them, knowing just what I needed at the time. Whether it’s just being in company without conversation, or hanging out being goofy, or offering an ear and a shoulder to cry on it if I needed it.

I’m so grateful to have them in my life - and I’m equally thankful for so many other women who over the years have given me moments that I’ll treasure forever.

To my former boss, who after I was subjected to a creepy man at an event who got a little close to comfort treated me to a cheesy baked potato, gave me a hug when I got teary and reassured me that I could always come to her if anything else like that ever happened again.

To my girls from Performing Arts in college, who allowed me to feel unashamed to sing, dance and be goofy in my entire self - even if I wasn’t the most talented of the group. I feel like getting back on the stage every time I see them.

To the other women journalists that I both work with and know online, who give me something to aspire to with my writing. There’s so many talented reporters/editors out there who have spoken out about social issues affecting the world to make society a better place.

To my oldest and dearest friend, who on my birthday this year sent me the most stunning bouquet of flowers with the message ‘I hope these are as lovely as you are’. We can go months of not seeing each other and feel like no time has passed whatsoever.

To all the women who I’ve improvised with, who inspire me to be more daring and bold with my humour and push myself further. There’s too many comedians to count, and when lockdown lifts I’m looking forward to meeting so many more.

To all the women I’ve either met or known through streaming, who create hilarious and cozy content that I adore to watch. Whether it’s through my team Emporium, or my wonderful mod who has my back, there’s so many women on Twitch to aspire to.

To my high school history teacher, who had the confidence from day one that I’d get that A* grade. I remember myself and some other girls once joked that we’d done awful in the exam, and had to backtrack quickly when she started to cry because she cared so much.

To all the ladies I’ve met through conventions, who taught me to champion my geekiness. The women I met at Asylum Con (a Supernatural convention) allowed me to unleash the inner fangirl in me, which in turn gave me the confidence to start this very blog.

To my sister, who never ever fails to make me laugh harder than anyone else can with our encyclopedia of inside jokes from all our years together. We understand each other on another level, and have a shared experience that gives us insights that nobody else will.

To all the women in my extended family and step-family, who’ve supported me as I’ve grown up and continue to kick ass in life and make me smile when I see what they’re all accomplishing - women of all ages and professions.

To my mum, who loves me unconditionally who continues to take care of me even when I’m at the opposite end of the country. Whether it's sending me a care package, or listening to me when I need to rant, she’s there no matter what.

There’s many other women that if I continued to list here, we’d have a dissertation. But just know that I’m grateful and appreciative of every single one that has left a positive mark on my life, whether they know it or not.

Let’s show our love and appreciation for all of the women in our lives, and fight for a world where they’re shown the respect and value that they deserve, and not discriminated against or harassed because of who they are. Especially those who face it the most - POC and LGBTQA+ women.

Like the superheroes that adorn comic books, women have been (and still are) there for me day or night, watching my back, keeping me safe and inspiring me in some way or another.


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