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Best Geeky Things To Do In London This Summer

After many months of waiting, London has finally opened up once again, and that means that there's plenty of geeky activities to get involved in.

Whilst many staples of the city are making a return, such as the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour and MCM London Comic Con, there’s some new events that have caught my eye - and as the resident nerdy expert of the city I feel it’s my duty to share with the class (aka, you my dear reader).

From new bars to full blown concerts, here's a roundup of some of the best nerdy places and events to visit over the next few months. And for your piece of mind, I've included options that are COVID-safe, or offer social distancing where possible.

Wizard Afternoon Tea

Best geeky things to do in London

The masters behind the quirkiest cocktail experiences in London including The Cauldron, The Blind Phoenix and the Superheroes Bar are now branching out into one of my favourite types of dining experiences: afternoon tea. Brew delicious drinks (tea included, cocktails optional) with a ‘magic wand’ whilst snacking on delicious treats such as cupcakes, sandwiches and more.

I can personally attest that the owner, Matt, and everyone at The Cauldron Co. puts in 110% when it comes to detail and interactivity with their experiences. Plus, the team have managed to bag a spot right in the middle of Soho for this one, right near some other incredible magical experiences to make your entire day bewitching.

Pop Up Screens

Best geeky things to do in London

There are multiple cinematic experiences to enjoy in London, but if you want the true Al Fresco feeling with a classic flick, then it’s worth checking out Pop Up Screens. Over the next few months the company will have outdoor cinemas in North Greenwich, Brockley, Guildhall, Fulham and Oval - just to name a few.

There’s films on to suit every person’s taste, from musical bonanzas like Grease and The Greatest Showman, to good old-fashioned sci-fi with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. And with the heatwaves set to return over the next few weeks, there’s surely nothing more perfect (or COVID-friendly) than chilling outdoors with some popcorn and a drink to a good film, with the city lights quite literally twinkling behind you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra At The Royal Albert Hall

Best geeky things to do in London

Shout out to my streaming pal and fellow Supernatural fan, Amy, for informing me about this one. If you’re a Final Fantasy nut, then you can catch some of the best music from the latest remastered game played live at one of the most grand and spectacular music venues in the world, the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington.

Now I may be cheating, as this one isn’t until 19 September. But in all fairness, according to the calendar Autumn doesn’t begin until 22 September anyway - so who’s laughing now? Tickets are still available, starting from £20. Plus, the venue will be checking either negative tests, or proof of vaccination upon entry, so you can enjoy those epic tunes without any stress.


Best geeky things to do in London

There’s many gaming bars to check out in the city, and if you love a bit of the edgy east London vibes, you should head on over to Platform in Shoreditch. There’s a multiplayer gaming zone where you can challenge your friends to FIFA, Mario Kart and more, whilst gulping down delicious gaming-themed cocktails, snacking on nerdy pizza or even treating yourself to a luxurious bottomless brunch.

Whilst a bar may not sound the most COVID-friendly in principle, the venue has Comprehensive Food Alert Covid-19 Secure Certification, and all the staff have undergone training to keep everything clean and follow safety protocols. Job’s a good'un.

Stack Fest

Best geeky things to do in London

I’ve covered numerous different conventions in my time on this blog (and in my full-time job as a journo), and I’m pleased to say that a brand new con dedicated to the world of eSports is heading to London in early September. There’s three days of events, one catered towards industry folk, one for budding eSports professionals, and another for all the big names in the sphere who compete in the biggest tournaments.

If you’re even a little bit curious about what it’s like to be a professional gamer on the world stage, then this is the place to go. eSports is one of the many areas in the world of geek that I want to learn more about, so if you do grab a ticket for this one at Here East, hit me up. Refunds guaranteed if you need to self isolate after buying a ticket.


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