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Best Geeky Lofi Playlists

We all have things that help us focus - whether its a strong cup of coffee in the morning or putting on clothes that are just that *little* bit uncomfortable. I’m a user of both these methods, but I also find that the right type of music can lend that helping hand you need in getting through the day.

I’m personally a big advocate of the YouTube playlists of Lofi hip-hop/study beats. Lofi is music with a steady rhythm, decorated with sounds such as distortion and nostalgic voice clips to create an incredibly unique and relaxing music style.

According to research, the frequency within Lofi improves concentration levels and allows your brain to process information much better. I’m even tuning in as I’m writing this… INCEPTION.

Lofi music is also generally great to chill out to. You can listen to it when you’re having your dinner, during gaming sessions or as a bit of background noise whilst doing a puzzle. There are thousands of playlists out there to listen to - including ones specifically for nerds.

If you’re looking to geek up your Lofi, I’ve found five video playlists that are worth a listen to. But here’s a tip - if you’re searching for something in particular, just Google your favourite fandom along with ‘Lofi’ or ‘beats’, and there’s 95% chance that YouTube will have something available.

Zelda & Chill

Of all the gaming Lofi compilations I’ve listened to, this has to be my all time favourite. With tunes from Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, these songs will have you bopping along for days on end.

It’s also worth noting that at the time of writing, music by GameChops is available for reuse, making the Lofi playlists on the channel a great option for Twitch/YouTube background music.

Pokémon Lofi Music

There are a number Pokémon Lofi playlists available on YouTube, but this is a standout. This mix features songs from various generations including Gold and Silver, Diamond and Pearl and Sword and Shield, so you can relieve all the games in one hour flat.

GlitchxCity is also another music producer who offers their tracks for fair reuse.

Marvel Comics Lofi

Whilst the majority of mixes on this list are by independent producers, this one comes directly from the big boys over at Marvel HQ. It features an animation of Tony Stark, plus some of the biggest comic book announcements and facts from 2020.

Animal Crossing Lofi

Y’all know how much of a sucker I am for Animal Crossing - and that extends to Lofi mixes. This playlist from KronoMuzik features adorable art of fan favourite Isabelle, and has the perfect tone if you’re looking to create that cozy atmosphere for a chilled night in.

Nintendo and Lofi

If you want a mix of different fandoms to chill out to, then this mix from nintendo and chill is perfect. With tunes from Mario, Smash Bros and more, each song brings something a little bit different to the table - plus the animation is absolutely adorable (Togepi is the cutest Pokémon and I won’t hear any different).


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