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Superheroes Bar To Land In London

We’re in a strange period right now, but I’d like to take this time to support a brilliant independent business - a leader in the London geeky scene - who is embarking on a brand new venture once this craziness starts to ebb away. Something for all Londoners to flock to for celebrating once it’s safe to do so - stay indoors and watch superhero flicks until then!

The Cauldron Group - co-founded by Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth - is the company that gave us the first wizarding immersive cocktail experience, and an underground magical speakeasy. Now, they’re trading their wands and fairy dust for capes and spandex with a brand new comic-book inspired bar, aptly named Superheroes Bar.

This new immersive experience in the Dalston area will allow you to dress up in your own superhero suit, experimenting with new-found powers to create cocktails through collecting ‘Stones of Power’ - yep, Thanos is quaking.

superheroes bar london

Upon arrival, you’ll get a choice of three stones to wield - the ‘Beer Stone’, ‘Cocktail Stone’ or ‘Mocktail Stone’ - which is more commonly known as a welcome drink before the real fun begins.

Once you get to your work station, you’ll embark on a ‘choose your own adventure’ storyline through the menu, adding a unique narrative to your cocktail-making process (that will hopefully still make sense even after several different spirits). You’ll get to make three cocktails, all crafted with mixology superpowers over the course of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Superheroes Bar isn’t a dedication to just one series - it draws inspiration from the full comic book multiverse, from Noir to Anime to Golden Age and Silver Age. No matter your comic interests, there’s certain to be something here that will get your giddy up.

superheroes bar london

Both Matthew and David are pure geeks through and through (like myself), and so the step into another genre just felt like the right fit. They told me a little more about the conception of this project, “It has taken just a matter of weeks to turn the bar into this new iteration, but we have been considering the theme for some time.

“We have focused on fantasy themed bars as we always want to create experiences based on what we know, love and have a passion for, and Superheroes was a natural expansion to this.”

As the previous bars have shown - it’s all about the visuals. Expect to see fire, UV and smoke in the drinks, and be prepared for some serious immersion in the location itself (I’ll be sure to get some snaps and vids when I venture there!).

The Cauldron Group are all about the fine details, something that Matthew and David believe will be the icing on the cake for anyone coming along. “Each visitor will be able to notice different areas of inspiration, depending on their own personal interests.”

superheroes bar london

And if you have any dietary requirements or simply prefer to stay away from the booze then never fear - the entire visit can be done entirely non-alcoholic, gluten-free, and vegan friendly.

If this new London branch proves successful, we could see other Superheroes Bars opening across different cities across the globe, just as The Cauldron has done over in New York, Dublin and Edinburgh. The company is currently in their crowdfunding stage at the moment, which if successful could contribute towards an expansion.

Tickets are currently on hold with the ongoing world situation, but once things begin to settle you’ll be able to book a date on the Superheroes Bar website. Once ‘this’ all blows over, I for one will be donning my cape and raising a cocktail to all my favourite heroes from years past - and I hope to see other fellow London comic book nerds there.

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