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Me and My Geeky Boyfriend

Rated SP for Sappy Post

I have many different geeky interests. Some - like Harry Potter - I’ve had since my childhood. Others I’ve learnt through the fabled online world. But a good portion of them have actually been because of the influence of someone else. And that someone is my boyfriend of five years, Joe.

Joe's graduation day. His robes are very Hogwarts-esque, and the ceremony was even in a place called 'The Great Hall' which had magical swinging wooden doors!

Having the love of my life share my geeky interests has definitely fuelled my confidence and enthusiasm when it comes to nerdy activities. Even the way we met reflects this. We were both fresh-faced first years at the University of Leeds, and I thought that I was the only person in my new friendship group that had ever seen the cult online hit, A Very Potter Musical by Starkid. On one cold Autumn evening, I just so happened to quote a line from one of the songs, and he instantly chimed in with the follow-up lyric. That night we went back to my dorm to watch the trilogy, and the rest is history (as they say).

Very quickly he twigged that I was a fangirl and gamer, and that I was very easily obsessed with different series. We compared and contrasted our differences. I loved Sonic, yet he adored Mario. I was a fangirl of Supernatural, he was a fanboy of Doctor Who. I preferred Marvel, whilst he loved DC more.

...Not sure how true that statement is now with the current performance of DC movies, but that’s another conversation.

Since our early days, we’ve only served to cater to each others entertainment. When I was 18, I hadn’t ever thought that I would enthusiastically pay to watch a Marvel movie three times and cry on every showing, but here we are. I’ve also been introduced to new styles of entertainment that I’d been dubious about before. Machinima like Red vs Blue, and the anime RWBY. Both of these are made by the parent company Rooster Teeth. You may also know that I actually went along to their official con last year, and through that I’ve made new friends in the RT community.

Everything has a knock-on effect, huh?

Taken by my mum on a freezing day last year at Greenwich. No idea what was so funny tbh

I also feel like our pastimes as a couple may seem a little strange when compared to ‘traditional’ relationships. Most Friday nights in London may see two people going out to a chic bar in Soho, or cooking a gourmet meal with ingredients from Borough Market. But what do me and Joe do? We pig out on a sofa and binge the heck out of a series, that’s what.

From Daredevil to Breaking Bad, we’ve spent entire afternoons wrapped up in a blanket, eating some form of salty/buttery/fatty food, with our eyes glued to Netflix. I think the most intense show we’ve binged is Pokémon. He introduced it to me thinking we’d see a few episodes and I’d be satisfied with just that.

250 episodes later, he was regretting that decision. (LOL).

I don’t even want to know collectively how much content we’ve consumed, but I can guarantee that the number is horrendously huge. But personally, I’d take a snuggly TV binge over a clubbing night any day. I’ve never been a party animal, let’s be honest here.

If we’re not watching a series, then we’re probably playing a game together. Again, this typically will be something from the Pokémon franchise. In fact, the next game on our list will be a joint one, and naturally the game in question is Pokémon: Let’s Go. Though we’re having a debate over whether or not to get the Pikachu or Eevee version.

Spoiler: If I get my way (which I should do) it’ll be Eevee. Pikachu is so basic, man.

I’ve also gradually collected various geeky gifts from him over the years. These include multiple Pusheens, Funko Pops, several other cuddly toys (including a Togepi who I ADORE and I turn into a four-year old whenever he’s within reach), other obscure nerdy T-shirts and some more left-field presents… like a Tom Hiddleston colouring book, after I told Joe about my massive crush on the actor.

He has a weird sense of humour.

My 'Pottley Run' on my 20th birhtday. I'm in the middle dressed as Draco Malfoy (obviously), with 'Crabbe' (Joe) by my side. Photo also featuring: Ron Weasley, Lavender Brown, Professor Quirrel, Guildroy Lockheart and the legend himself, Albus Dumbledore.

But you know what the best thing is about having a nerdy partner? It’s the fact that I don’t have to hide who I really am from the person who knows me best. Sure, others may judge the fact that I’ve read Fanfiction and re-watched Harry Potter at least 100 times, but I know that he won’t. If anything, he encourages me to do what I love.

He’s the guy that I’ll call after a really intense episode of something and have hour long conversations with about plot theories. He’s the guy who’ll come along to multiple screenings of a movie with me, because sometimes seeing the film just once is not enough. He’s even the guy who’ll act as an Instagram boyfriend when I have nobody else to help out.

...and I swore I’d never become ‘that’ sort of girl. Yet here we are. #DoItForTheGram

He’s a pretty swell dude who wants 100% of me, just the way I am. Even the weird shipper part of me that sends me into embarrassing rants over certain characters from TV shows (#Destiel4lyf). But then again, I listen to his (frankly absurd) rants about why - in his opinion - David Tennant is an overrated Doctor, so I guess we’re even.

The point is, he’s not just my boyfriend who I enjoy going on dates with and having a bit of a kiss and cuddle. He’s my best friend. A person who I can come to with any topic, no matter how difficult or obscure. He’ll listen to me ramble aimlessly when I need it, and give me a shoulder to cry on when some days are tough. He’ll even message me if he spots the odd mistake in my blog posts, because I’m only human (and he’s a spelling/grammar freak).

Five years is kind of a long time to be with someone, but I think that with every year, I kind of love him more and more. So thank you, Joe, for a wonderful five years. I'll forever remember November of 2013, when we first sung to each other about Witches, Wizards and Magical Beasts.

Yeah, I'm doing the leg-pop. Couldn't help myself because I was in Paris

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