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6 Things I Want to See in Elder Scrolls VI

E3 seems like an age ago now, huh? Well, I’m only just recovering from the absolutely bombshell that Bethesda dropped right at the end of their conference. Nobody was expecting a teaser for the latest Elder Scrolls, least of all me.

After the RPG giant Skyrim, the gaming world went ES mad. I myself have been a fan of the series since Oblivion (a game that I still hold close to my heart). Currently, there’s a big debate surrounding the location of the next title. Most being in favour of High Rock.

...but that’s probably because some rocks appear in the scenery, that look vaguely high. Hmm.

Naturally, it could be a long time before we see this game come out. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to get all my requests in, gameplay wise. You never know what a developer may take some inspo from (pleasepleaseplease).

Is it too late to ask them to set it in Valenwood?

Return of an (improved) Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion was quite honestly one of the best guilds in ANY game I’ve ever played. From the absolute icon that was Lucien Lachance, to the legendary 'Whodunit?' quest… there was nothing quite like it.

In my personal opinion, Skyrim just didn’t quite manage to capture this standard. Whilst they did improve the Thieves Guild massively, playing as an assassin just wasn’t the same.

I think we need some more iconic characters with dark senses of humour, and some more quests that are unique and challenging. Stealth has always been my preferred method of play, so this guild is always my go to. Some come on Bethesda, give us some killers to remember.

More developed relationships with characters

Fallout 4 started to introduce this briefly, but I would love the opportunity to build official friends, enemies and love interests, with advanced interaction options. Storytelling is probably the most important aspect for me in RPG’s, and is always a feature that could be improved.

Perhaps these interactions affect your stance on quests, or build valuable connections that can help you later down the line in the narrative. Either way, I’d love to see how engaging with other characters has an impact.

‘Sims-style’ build options

Fans love a good mod. But imagine, if you had the creative control to design your own home in-game, exactly to your own specifications. Hearthfire was a great attempt at this, but with only three home location options, it was slightly limiting.

What if you could create your own castle? Live in abandoned bandit camp? Create your own winding treehouse? This would give a completely new element to the game, and would help satisfy those builders and crafters.

Although, I would lose at least another week of my life creating the perfect fantasy home. Ah well.

Another Daedric world expansion

As much as I loved Dawnguard, Oblivion still brought the best DLC ever with Shivering Isles. (“CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!”). The craze and madness of Sheogorath’s world brought an ethereal magic to the fantasy setting, and gave us fans some absolutely hilarious content that were meme’s before meme’s were even a thing.

There’s a lot of Daedras/Aedras to choose from in the franchise, and I’m certain that Bethesda could create something else just as interesting. Perhaps we could explore more of Sanguine, as the 'A Night to Remember' quest in Skyrim was quite something indeed.

The goat was my favourite part of that quest. Good times.

No microtransactions

Now, this is not to say that this is something Elder Scrolls has been guilty of, yet. However, with games such as Hogwarts Mystery and Shadow of War exploiting this method heavily, many names are turning to this model to make an extra dime.

We shouldn't have to pay to access in-game content. In my opinion, this frustrates players and ultimately slows down play. Whilst yes, it may be a good money-making method, it would spoil the flow of such a good title. Whatever you do Bethesda, don’t go down this root.

More detailed weapons and armour

As I said earlier, I’m a storyteller, and this applies to the aesthetics of my game too. Lots of my time on The Sims is spent on changing my family's outfits to suit the game (Sims 4 Seasons, I love you), and I’d love to do the same here.

Perhaps colour customisation, more enchanting options for weapons, or even unique details such as engravings.

All in all, I want Bethesda to go above and beyond to create a world for the narrators who game. And something tells me that they will deliver just what we need.

What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Now to count down for the release date… *watches clock tick by*.

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