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Code Cracking in Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for an activity that will entertain you immensely whilst stimulating your brain, then I have the perfect solution. Last week, I went along with some good friends of mine to Escape Rooms in Angel, where one of them just happened to work.

For those who have never been in an escape room before (AKA – lived under a rock, like myself), it’s basically what it says on the tin. Groups will be locked into a room, and have to find their way out through solving a series of mind-boggling games. This will usually be done under a time limit, testing out how competitors cope under pressure. The rooms will also usually be themed, to immerse players in the environment and make the stakes seem higher.

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The game we played was called Project D.I.V.A. For this, we were transported to the year 2038, into a high-tech simulation. Our mission was to crack our way out of a lockdown space station controlled by D.I.V.A, a rampant AI (with a rather fitting name). It was our job to disable her and put a stop to her deadly plans. However, if we did not make it out in time, the chamber would fill with a deadly toxic gas that would kill us all and end the game.

Note, we wouldn’t actually die. Just hypothetically. I like to be overdramatic.

First of all, I have to congratulate the company on the complex design of this particular room. The puzzles were a combination of code-cracking, pattern puzzles and technology-based tasks that kept us all on our toes. I was in the room with several maths geniuses, so I have to confess that they did the majority of the legwork. I spent a lot of the time randomly inputting numbers in the hope I would get lucky. Apparently, that has been known to happen, so it's worth a shot.

There's a student discount at the Angel venue! Any weekday for £90 for up to 7 players. Just visit the website and book with your university email address,

It was quite a funny experience going in the room with an employee of the company. He did a lot of pacing, and his frustration was quite clear on certain puzzles. I could hear him muttering, “…it’s so easy!”, which made me giggle.

The aesthetic of the room was something to behold. It rather reminded me of a nightclub inside, with luminous lights adorning all the walls. If I’d have to pick a favourite part, it would have to be the lazer room, which took inspiration from every spy-cliché film that exists.

It was in this room that I got to prove my chops, performing an army crawl underneath the laser field to get to the other side. Of the group members said, “Who is small enough to fit under there?”, and I rolled up my sleeves and replied, “Step aside, people”. So not only are these rooms a great brain buster, they’re also a physical workout as well! They have a great balance of different activities, so everyone can contribute to getting out.

I'm still not sure I'm over that dab

This is not the only escape room that the company hosts. In Angel, there is also The Dark Side of the Moon, which in summary, is about Nazi’s who live on the moon (yep, think that sells that one!). In addition, the company also has a venue in the heart of London Bridge. This location is the host for the other games. Pharoh’s Chamber, an archaeological adventure simulation, and Room 33, a heist mixed with elements of time travel.

This was such a great way to spend my evening. You really end up putting a lot of trust in your teammates, and the frustration of the tasks and hilarious reactions create some great memories for the future. So if you’re looking for an unusual activity to do with your friends, family or colleagues, then I recommend you check out an escape room near you. Especially Project D.I.V.A at Escape Rooms London.

And if you don’t army crawl under the lazers as well, I will be thoroughly disappointed.

As always, if you're still not convinced, take Tripadvisor's word for it

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