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Why 'Coaching for Geeks' is the Site we ALL Need

Since I have been involved in fandoms, I have noticed a number of people who struggle with mental health and wellbeing issues. Anxiety and depression are just some of the things that affect geeks daily. Many people sometimes feel isolated, as they do not know other people who share and appreciate their crafts and interests, which can lead to being unhappy in their jobs and everyday tasks.

Robin was once one of those people. He is a fellow Londoner, and as he put it, he used to “sit and be miserable on the Northern line”. But he made a decision to channel and refocus his energy. Not only did he help himself, he took the advice he’d received and shared it with his fellow nerd community. And thus, Coaching for Geeks was born.

A selfie of the man behind Coaching For Geeks, Robin Bates

This empire that Robin is building now has many ways that members can interact and engage to aid self-development. Currently the biggest outlet for Coaching for Geeks is their podcast, which features a mixed bag of content, from mental health awareness advice to guest interviews with members of the nerd community. It currently tops the UK games iTunes chart, and is a great little nugget to listen to when getting on with your everyday personal admin.

As a side plug, Robin very kindly invited me onto the show to discuss geeky London and this lil old blog! Check it out here.

The Facebook group is also steadily gaining traction, and is a brave space for members to consult one another and lay out any problems or issues that they may have. There is a no tolerance policy on harassment, snide comments or any negative behaviour within this community. Members push each other’s creative ideas and motivate one another to achieve set targets and goals. Many people in the group are content creators themselves, including Youtubers, Podcasters and Bloggers like myself. No matter the subject or topic of interest, this is a networking outlet for something incredibly niche and exciting.

The FB group makes becoming a superhero in everyday life a reality

At this current time, Coaching for Geeks offers multiple courses and eBooks for members to get stuck into. Robin runs ‘Level Up’ courses, simulating around different topics to explore in detail. These kicked off this month with a ‘Level up your Dating’ course, and Robin is looking to cover more topics in the future, including improving ones personal stats, from health to wealth. In addition, there are core courses for members to explore at any time of the year. You can check out the range available here.

Robin is not the only coach within this group. He is aided by his fellow teachers, Austin Toloza and Rami the Gutsy Geek. Austin specialises in health and fitness, running what has to be the coolest sports club in existence, Lightsaber fitness. (Yes, you heard me right folks.) Meanwhile Rami is a dating coach, who provides insightful knowledge in the appropriate and respectful ways to approach someone and build on a romantic interest.

And it doesn’t stop there, Robin is a consistent planner and has many ideas currently being engineered into perfection. Books, guides, regular meet ups and eventually a hub for Coaching for Geeks are all the planning, and the community are a driving force in making it become a reality. In my humble opinion, this is the breath of fresh air that the geek community has needed for a very long time.

Check out the Coaching for Geeks eBook here!

There can be social stigmas around being a nerd, as others may not understand the interests we have. People may be reminded of the days that they were bullied in school, when geek culture was seen as a less ‘cool’ activity to engage with. These memories can stay with people, and ultimately make others hesitant to share their interests openly. But the community in Coaching for Geeks not only understands these social pressures, it faces them head on. It teaches others to overcome these outdated prejudice ideas, and be unafraid to indulge in their favourite activities.

As I said, this project is ever-changing. Both myself and Robin went to MCM London Comic Con 2017, and before the event we had a big chat about some of the challenges attendees face at conventions. Anxiety about crowds, panic when meeting celebrities and worries about personal hygiene are just some of the issues that we both agreed affect many con-goers. And there’s not much information out there to forewarn any newbies who are attending their first con.

I'm all over this edgy promotional material!

This is why I can exclusively reveal that Coaching for Geeks are putting together an ultimate convention survival guide, which will aim to take the stress and pressure out of these manic events. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful and groundbreaking idea. And I’m not the only one. Robin is working with a number of events specialists to make this idea a reality.

I’m only really skimming the tip of the iceberg when praising what a great and innovative movement that this company is. From online courses to entertainment, this brand new community is rapidly spreading and helping other geeks reach their full potential. And that my friends, is truly something special.

Take a look for yourself, if you don’t believe me!





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