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Slytherin Evening Look

Since I've discovered the wide world of Pinterest, my concept of geek fashion has been blown out of the water. So many users create subtle outfits that are inspired by their favourite fandom, holding elements that some fellow nerds may notice, but other people who aren’t into the world of geek may just look at it and think, "Hey, great outfit!".

These thoughts were swirling around in my brain when I first caught sight of the dress that makes up the base of my outfit for this post.

I was enjoying looking at the fish

Those of you who know Harry Potter will be aware that each house in Hogwarts has their own colours and traits which define it. I myself (after being sorted on Pottermore) am a proud Slytherin, and thought that if I were to showcase any outfit, it should be that of my own house. A Slytherin is described as someone who is ambitious and cunning. For me, the house also emulates an air of sophistication and class, something which I wished to reflect in this look. Made up by the Slytherin colours, green and silver, this outfit consists of a few key pieces. The evening dress (from the high street store Quiz) is a daring little number that I just love. The ruffled collar of this piece slips off just so, accenting the shoulders and popping against the body-con fit of the dress. The cut of it is hitched just slightly in the middle, creating a lovely criss-cross effect on the bottom half.

"Or perhaps in Slytherin you'll make real friends..."

Often, less is more. Designer looks are often defined by their minimalist appearance. This is why I have only chosen to wear a delicate pair of strappy sandals, also from Quiz. The jewels on them bring that bit of Malfoy bling, whilst the kitten heels make the shoes comfortable and easy to walk in. In addition, I chose to wear a pair of sheer, low denier pair of tights on my legs to add to the sultry feel. The slightly lighter colour also does not clash too much with the light silver shoes, as a slightly darker pair of tights might.

I just have to mention one item that is absolute Slytherin to the core.Taking inspiration from Cleopatra, this arm bangle is that tineey touch of quirk that separates this outfit from any other. Sitting on the upper arm, this accessory is comfortable to wear, and the bright silver pops wonderfully against the green. In addition, you’ll be pleased to hear that I got this for a gem of a price, under a fiver. Who need’s overpriced jewellery anyway?

For the makeup, I used tones that have a slightly dark feel to them, such as a rich berry lipstick and dark smokey eyes. It’s key not to go heavy on the blusher or bronzer with this look, as the dark make-up is extremely striking and you don’t want to overdo it! I’ve used silver and grey tones on the eyes, with a dash of black in the outer corners. Simply three shades blended together, easily done. Plus, all the bloggers are going absolutely bananas for the berry lipstick. Trust me.

Simply top the look off with big bouncy curls in your hair for that wow factor, and that’s this outfit in a nutshell! Best of all, this whole look comes in at just over the fifty pound mark (which is ace, when you are a starving graduate like myself). If you want the dress and shoes for yourself, they are available here and here.

An angle that actually makes me look tall for once!

The great thing about Quiz is that at the moment, this deep emerald colour is a staple shade in their collection, as it’s great for Christmas and New Year’s parties. So, if this dress doesn’t float your boat, take a look at the other Slytherin-esque options on offer here.

I have to say, I really enjoyed putting together this look, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it! Thanks to my photographer Sasha for helping out with this shoot (and letting me cuddle her cats, naaaw). I’m looking in the near future to create more HP evening-inspired looks. So tell me, what house-inspired outfit are you dying to see next? Drop a comment below.

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