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The Top Three: Ways to Wear your Geek Tee

Geek tees. Practically every nerd has one. I mean, can you honestly call yourself a fan if you don’t own the shirt to prove it?

But what if you (like myself) are a fan of many things. Different shows, games, films...and as a consequence, have one too many shirts and not enough pairs of jeans/jean shorts to team them up with?

Well, let’s take a step away from the jeans then. Nearly every nerd and his dog wears that combination. I enjoy getting creative with my wardrobe, creating looks that are unique and that reflect my personality. Thus, I’m going to show you some outfits that will pair nicely with your geek tee. Sets that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

And I’ve even done a little mini photo shoot, just for this occasion. I invested in a tripod for it. Yes. A tripod. So please, do revel in my self-indulgent photos.

(Feel free to mock if you wish, but only behind my back please…fanx).

"I think my ankle just snapped and I may need a hospital, but I won't let that stop me from being fierce."

For evening cocktails or a night on the town, this outfit is the one. It’s sophisticated and elegant, and yet has that nerdy touch to stand out from the crowd. The black leather trousers feel luxurious to wear, and teamed with a pair of killer heels, you’ll feel like a million dollars. For this combo I chose a white long t-shirt, as it contrasts well on the black trousers and frames the silhouette well.

It also has the best in-joke ever for fans of Supernatural. For anyone else, you'll be asking "What's a Winchester?"

I also matched my shoes, accessories and lipstick in a bold red, as it stood out nicely against the monochrome outfit. It’s all about the small details, folks. This is a very easy outfit to recreate with your own geek tee, as black and white colour schemes are available in abundance!

"No, I've definitely NOT been mis-sold PPI. You are such a joker, Mr annoying phone salesman."

Autumn season is here, which means that the cosy patterns are back in! I’m going retro with this tee, showing off my love for Sonic the Hedgehog. And no, I don’t care that Sonic 06 was awful. Or Sonic Boom, or Shadow the Hedgehog, or….NO I LOVE SONIC LEAVE ME ALONE!

I paired it with a snuggly cardigan to fend off the brisk winds, delicate rose gold jewellery and pair of thick-rimmed glasses to complete the look (and improve my eyesight).

The bottom half is where it’s all at though.

The wonderful little hybrid plaid item is a skort. A skirt in the front, shorts in the back. The blue pops nicely against the grey top, and the chequered print has that nostalgic high-school feel. Meanwhile, the patterned black winter-look tights add to the warm fall feel. Topped off with a pair of grungy biker boots, and you are ready for anything, my friend.

"What's our neighbour Dorris up to today? Screaming at her nine dogs again? Thought so."

If the first was too dressy, and the second too casual, then this is the happy medium.

I’m of the firm belief that maxi skirts are not just a summer fad. They can be worn all year round, provided you team it with the correct attire. Why not show off your Hogwarts pride with this little green number from Primark (house optional, though I’ll give you brownie points if you are a fellow Slytherin). Plus it’s an added bonus that the colour contrasts wonderfully with the navy skirt.

By having a split down the middle of the maxi, I’m able to showcase my bootiful (get it?) black leather shoes. The chunky heel make them comfortable to walk in, and they are sure to make an impression. Don with plain sheer tights, your favourite nerdy jewellery and a bohemian hairstyle, and this outfit is set to bring all the boys to the yard. Or girls.

So there you have it! A few suggestions that I’ve thrown together for you to recreate with your own geek tee outfit combos. These items are all staples in my wardrobe, and I’ve done some net searching for you to find similar items online (aren’t I good?)

If you want to see more outfit inspirations or ideas, then you can take a look at my Pinterest board or Polyvore account. I have created sets for all these outfits for you to save, and I will be updating constantly with new nerdy fashion inspirations for everyone to share.

Liked my geeky tees? Click on any of the images to shop the shirt!

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