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Level 1 - Green Hill Zone

I shall start off this blogging adventure by admitting that I am a complete and utter fraud. I am currently starting a site based completely around my London adventures, whilst I'm sat in my tiny bedroom in the valleys of Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Go ahead, sue me (or not, I just spent a hefty amount of my money on a deposit for my new flat so you won’t get much). But I decided to do an introductory post to set up a prelude to my geeky explorations in the capital. Mainly because I don't have much else to do, as I don’t start my new job until next week.

So hello! Here I am. Now perhaps you may be wondering, why such an unusual (or for those who hate all nerdy things, ‘sad’) theme for a blog based around one of the most exciting cities in the world? Well firstly, my inspiration comes off the back of the most exhilarating month of my life, in which I went on a road trip across the US of A.

Me being a basic travel bitch

Doing the classic 'basic bitch travelling' photo

My experience with a tour guide who had that extra bit of knowledge about all the kooky places to stop made the trip all that more special. Examples include visits to the infamous chain of gas stations called 'Kum & Go' (teehee), and an exploration of the lesser known Spam Museum.

So I thought, if I’m becoming a true Londoner, then I may as well find the places that satisfy my inner nerdishness. If I’m doing that, then it would be rude not to share it with others. Being a goer of conventions and expos alike, I take interest in a multitude of different shows, movies and video games. I even managed to wangle my way into writing my dissertation on fandom cultures surrounding cult television shows.

Yes really, and here’s a picture to prove it.

This trash got me a 2:1 from a Russel Group university.

If this research taught me anything, it's that much activity surrounding geek culture cultivates online. And whilst I am active within these circles and thoroughly enjoy them, I think that it's time I found new and exciting ways to indulge in my interests.

So at this current moment I have in front of me a wish list (not an Amazon one) of my top places to see over the next coming months. The plan - if one can call it that - is to visit said attractions, document my experiences and share what the city has to offer to us fanboys/girls.

Watch this space, blogosphere! Hopefully there are exciting things afoot.

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