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Potterhead Gifts at Magic Alley

If we’re being honest with ourselves, I think it’s safe to say that I may have a wee addiction to Harry Potter merchandise. Just a small one. Naturally, there are many labels who cover different items from this fandom, but one very kindly reached out to discuss more about their magical products.

I'm normally not a fan of mustard yellow, but I have to admit this chair had the best aesthetic.

Magic Alley are an up and coming online store dedicated to all the Potterheads out there. Taking a look at their range, everything is geared perfectly towards gifting. If you have a geeky loved one’s birthday or another celebration coming up, then this site is the perfect place to pick up something unique.

Or if you want to just treat yourself, then that’s a-okay too!

Their store mainly holds a number of wearable products to choose from, themed around various key items and plot points from the iconic franchise. From Platform 9 ¾ tote bags, to adorable Dobby watches. It’s the perfect way to nerd up your wardrobe, wizarding style!

There are also a number of classic Harry Potter items that should be standard for any fan. These include character’s wands from the series, such as Albus Dumbledore’s and Sirius Black’s (I can highly recommend the latter, as I own it and it is be-a-utiful). They also offer the tempting drink butterbeer in bottled form, a favourite for all the wizards and witches who frequent The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

P.S. If you’ve never tried butterbeer, order one right now. You won’t regret it. DO IT.

250 points to Slytherin for catching the snitch! Available to purchase here

Anyway, one of my top picks include their line of jewellery. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nerdy accessories are the most wearable geeky thing in fashion. They are subtle enough to be worn with any outfit on occasion (including work!), but quirky enough to be instantly recognisable by any fellow fan.

There are a plethora of accessories to choose from, from cufflinks to classic charms. I am a huge fan of the snitch necklace, which is incredibly delicate and dainty. It’s a versatile piece that I’d gladly wear in my comfy cardigan and jeans, as well as in an evening dress and heels. Plus, I can pretend that I’m the seeker of the century. I adore it.

If you’d be looking to give this item as a present, that it is perfectly paired with one of the gift cards from Magic Alley. I personally favour this simplistic red “boy who lived” card, as it can be used for any occasion really. Using the iconic round spectacles and lightning bolt scar, this card will go down a treat with any Harry Potter fan.

And they say red and pink colours clash? Nah. Card available here

I’d also like to give a shout out to the gift bundles that are available to purchase. There are four choose from, one for each Hogwarts house (hope you’re out there, my fellow Slytherins!). The package includes a house scarf (a necessity in any Potterhead’s wardrobe), a few bottles of butterbeer, yummy treats and jewellery.

This way if you can’t make your mind up on an item, why not just get a whole bunch?!

Now perhaps you may want to see everything in person first before you buy, and if you’re near either Bournemouth or London this spring, then you are in luck. Magic Alley will be hosting stalls at both Bournemouth Film and Comic Con and MCM Comic Con London in May. In addition, they are currently working on some special promotions for the summer. So if you’re looking for a treat later on the year, keep an eye out for sure!

I for one will be storing up my galleons in my Gringotts vault for my next fandom shopping spree at MCM Comic Con London. Is it May yet?

Check out the full range on Magic Alley's website, and give em a follow on Facebook and Instagram

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